Jade and Elias

January 2, 2019


Teenage Girl, Jade, Reunites with Preschool Ring

14 Karat Gold Ring With Emerald Stone

Falls Church, Virginia


The teenage girl was elated to be reunited with her childhood ring that was lost 10 years ago! When Jade was 3 years old, her father Elias gave her this gold ring. She tossed it over her shoulder and then retrieved it from the grass and then repeated the game like a little preschool girl would do. Eventually, she couldn't find it and her father started his own search but to no avail. Over the past 10 years the family would try and try again to find the lost ring, but it never could be found.

One early evening, I was metal detecting in Falls Church, Virginia Jade's father approached me. He lived a block away. He asked if I could detect gold with my machine and I said, "yes". He asked if I could stop by his house to have me search for the ring. He shared the story of how it got lost and how his daughter was now thirteen and a half years old!


I showed up that night after work and began the search in their front yard. It took over an hour and a half to find the ring due to their lack of remembrance of where the ring was tossed. I found it buried 4 inches below the surface, surrounded by a web of grass roots and weeds. How wonderful that moment was to see that teenager's smile arise out there is the dark night!

The girl that was just a preschooler when she lost the ring was now reunited with her special keepsake as a teenager after 10 years of the ring buried in the yard! They couldn't believe it was back in their lives! Elias said that he never bought her another ring in all those ten years after she lost that first gold ring he gave her. Wow!


He said it was time to get her another one now that this one was finally found!

What a happy reunion that evening!


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